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Tuition - Our Process

Please note that you should not send any payment to us until a timetable has been agreed with a tutor.

Our first stage is to match you with a tutor - in order to do this we need to know a bit about the student - what school year are they in, which subjects do they require tuition in etc. Once you've contacted us we will let you know exactly what we need from you. At present we only offer distance learning services - find out more here. If you would like "in-person" tuition please contact us.

Once you are matched with a tutor we will send you a little bit of information about them. You can then contact them directly to arrange a suitable time for lessons - normally we try to arrange lessons at a consistent weekly time as this is easier to manage.

Once a timetable has been agreed you will be given instructions on payment (which you should make through our website). We will get in touch to confirm that it has been received and provide you with more information on what software and hardware you need for the lessons. We recommend that if you need to purchase anything (webcam, microphone etc) that you do this in advance and test it (we can advise on what equipment works best).

Finally, we will begin with the lessons based on the timetable. All of our tutors have different flexibility but you must aim to meet every scheduled appointment. Further information regarding your rights and cancellations can be found in our terms - generally speaking if a student cannot attend a lesson we will always try to rearrange it to a more convenient time.

If you have any questions about our process please contact us.


Further questions? See our FAQ or contact us directly.


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