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Tuition - Our Prices and Services

Our prices are listed below. These are our standard prices for our 1-to-1 distance learning GCSE and pre-GCSE tuition. For other services (such as A levels) please contact us directly.

To make a booking with one of our tutors please contact us to book a time slot for your first lesson. You must not make any payments until we have confirmed your booking.



Half hour session - £11 (£22/hour)

One hour session - £20 (£20/hour)

Two hour session - £35 (£17.50/hour)

Block of five half hour sessions - £50 (£20/hour)

Block of five one hour sessions - £80 (£16/hour)

Block of five two hour sessions - £150 (£15/hour) - BEST VALUE

*To take advantage of this special offer please contact us immediately to book your session now - this is a limited time offer and may only be taken once per customer. This offer applies to tuition at any level up to GCSE and can be cover any one of Maths, English or Science.


We also offer a by-post GCSE mock exam service - further details can be found here.


Further questions? See our FAQ or contact us directly.


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