Tuition and Proofreading Services

Tuition and Academic/Professional Proofreading


Please note that we have changed the names of our clients to protect their privacy.


Charlotte used our proofreading services on her final year enginerring dissertation in 2014. She said:

"Wow! Thank you so much! I didn't expect there to be so many changes in my coursework. I just accepted all changes and it was much easier to read."


Usman used our "quick format" service for a piece of reasearch work in his second year at University. He said:

"I always find referencing a nightmare - you guys sorted it really quickly and professionally - looks great, thanks!"


Dan's son James was taking his GCSE exams last summer. We ran a structured course in maths and science. On results day he said:

"James got 2 A*s and 4 A's - he got an A* in maths and A's in all three of the sciences which he is very happy about. Thanks for all your hard work"


Hassan's daughter Maryam received weekly English tuition from us while she was in year 10. He said to us:

"Maryam's teacher told me that she seems a lot more confident in speaking up in class and voicing her opinions, and also that her analytical writing is much improved - she should be on course for an A* - I have recommended you to a friend"


If you receive our services we may ask you optionally to write a brief testomonial for our website - if we do then we will publish it no matter what you say.



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