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Proofreading services

We offer a range of services to suit various academic needs, and our prices are fixed per 1000 words. For documents greater than 10000 words or non-academic documents please contact us directly.


Format only (£3.50)
We look through the entire document and ensure that the formatting is consistent and complies with the standards of most universities. We can reformat any document to any style that you would prefer. Please see our sample documents for examples of the different formats we use. We will also check that all references are formatted in a consistent style, both in the main text and the reference list, though you must notify us which reference system you are using (Harvard, Vancouver etc).


Review only (£7.50)
A quick review looks solely at the written text for any spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors. In addition, the "readability" of the document is checked and any sections that do not make sense are highlighted and suggested corrections are given.  This option is only recommended for coursework that is already well formatted and well referenced.


Detailed proof and format (£10.00) [RECOMMENDED]
This option is recommended to ensure that the document is formatted well and well referenced, and also that the document reads clearly and is formal academic English. This is the "classic" proofreading service that we recommend.

View an example of a detailed proof and format here.


Specialist proof (£20.00)
A specialist proof and format not only checks the quality of English and spelling and grammar, but also critically evaluates the content of your work. This option ensures that a proof reader with relevant knowledge of your subject area will be checking your work and they will use their own specialist knowledge to suggest improvements in order to maximise your grade.  If the length of the document needs to be reduced (word limits), or if large sections of the document need rewriting or revision then this option should be chosen.

Note that this option may not be available for some subjects.

View an example of a specialist proof here.


Non-English and Dyslexic Students

For non-English language and dyslexic students we may sometimes set higher prices depending on the quantity of work required. The prices depend on the actual document we receive from you and, unlike other proof reading companies, we do not think it is fair to charge more just because a student is dyslexic or not a native English speaker.


Further questions? See our FAQ or contact us directly.


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