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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions - if your question is not answered here please contact us and we will be happy to answer it for you.



Are your tutors qualified teachers?
Not necessarily - our tutors all have ample experience in 1-to-1 and classroom teaching. We have found that possessing a teaching qualification does not necessarily make a better teacher. All of our tutors are trained, have a CRB check and are experienced in working with children. They hold at least a 2:1 degree and have excellent academic qualifications.

Do you cover subjects other than English/Maths/Science?
We can cover some other subjects at various academic levels - the best thing to do is to contact us directly and let us know what you need - even if we cannot help we will always try to point you in the right direction.

Do you offer tuition for early years/11+/SEN?
We take each customer on an "as we go" basis which means that there's no yes or no answer. Our distance learning service works best with mature children/teenagers who are capable of working without parental supervision. At 11+ level we do not recommend distance learning, but we offer specialist training and resources for parents, which may work out a lot cheaper than private tuition elsewhere.

What exam boards do you cover?
We can cover the main three exam boards: AQA, OCR and EdExcel as our tutors are very familiar with the syllabus for both GCSE and iGCSE. If you would like to cover a different exam board or level (such as A Levels, degree level or other qualifications) please contact us.

What equipment do I need for distance learning?
You will need a computer with a good internet connection (some smart phones/tablets also work but we recommend a PC/laptop wherever possible). A webcam and microphone are then essential for the face-to-face experience. A working printer is also very useful as our tutors will often email work assignments and teaching resources directly to you. More information can be found here.

I don't have a printer
We are able to send any learning materials by post for a small fee to cover postage and printing costs.

How often/what length of time should my child have lessons?
This really depends on each student's needs and targets. Our tutors are able to tell quite quickly how much tuition a student may need to meet their goals. For a single subject we recommend a 1-2 hour lesson each week. For two unrelated subjects (such as biology and English) we recommend two lessons per week.

If I pay for a block of lessons can we rearrange to have more/fewer lessons?
Absolutely. We aim to be flexible and schedule our lessons to meet your convenience and the needs of each student. Our terms and conditions outline our policy for rearranging/cancelling lessons but please note that these terms and conditions are our strict rules to prevent payment abuse - in reality we work based on trust and have never had to enforce our terms - the best thing to do is to contact us and we are happy to discuss any changes in detail.

Do you set homework?
Our tutors usually set a small amount of homework on a weekly basis - we understand that school work must take priority and that each student has different needs.

Your prices seem expensive
Private tuition at GCSE level typically costs between £25 to £50 per hour depending on the tutor for "in-person" tuition from an expert tutor - our tutors are used to charging this amount, however, by offering distance learning we are able to offer lower prices and the same quality of service. Generally speaking we find that you get what you pay for - our tutors put in a lot of time to prepare lessons and learning resources and are available for contact out-of-hours. Each student will have a specific course designed to suit their needs and we provide continuous feedback.

How does the £5 trial session work?
We understand that distance learning is new and many people may not be sure how well it works compared to "in person" tuition. We have found that it is usually just as effective and so therefore we offer this trial session to give you a taste of how it works. In this session we will aim to cover one specific topic (such as factorising algebraic expressions, osmosis in plants or different types of chemical bonding). If you are interested then the first thing to do is to let us know by contacting us, then asking the prospective student which topic they would like to cover - this can be anything on the syllabus. We will then agree on a time with you, take payment and then deliver the lesson. Afterwards you have no obligation to purchase any further sessions.

Are your mock exams up to date?
Our mock exams are original documents written every year by professional teachers, tutors and examiners. We base our exams on past paper questions and the current syllabus but unlike most services we do not simply repeat past exam questions. We offer an excellent service at affordable prices and believe that our examinations are the closest example of the real thing. Find out more here. You also receive a detailed report containing predicted grades and a breakdown of marks by each specific subject area - view a sample report here.


What qualifications do your proofreaders hold?
All of our proofreaders hold a university qualification with a grade of 2:1 or higher. Most of our proof readers hold a PhD and have excellent academic writing and linguistic skills.

What services do you offer?
A description of our services can be found here. We offer a format only option, a review only option, a review and format (recommended in most cases) and a detailed proofread option. We will advise on what option is best for your work once we have seen your document. A sample of a proofread document can be found here.

Do you only proofread coursework?
We specialise in academic coursework because most of our proofreaders are active academics. We also offer proofreading for UCAS applications, CVs and job applications/personal statements, journalistic articles and professional websites.  We also offer a competatively priced form checking service. Please contact us for more information.

How do I submit my document to you?
First you need to contact us - we will pass on the details of how to submit your work to us. The reason that we don't have an "upload" feature on our website is to prevent the transfer of any malicious files. If you have Dropbox then this is ideal as it is free and secure.

What type of documents do you work on?
Most academic work is written using Microsoft Word and .doc/.docx files are ideal for us as we make use of Microsoft Word's review feature. We can also check different formats (made using open source office software) and also files in LaTeX, .pub, .pdf, .ppt, .txt formats etc.

What is your turnaround time?
Many companies offer 24 hour and 12 hour guarantees. We believe that the more time we have to spend on your work, the better the quality of our service to you. In reality, our turnaround time depends on the length of your document, the level of service you require and our current workload. We will get back to you very quickly and let you know exactly when we will return your document, and we offer a 100% money back guarantee if we do not complete the work by that deadline and we will send back as much work as we have done free of charge. If you need urgent proofreading work, please contact us immediately and let us know your deadline. Typically we can get most work back to you within less than 24 hours.

What about longer documents - theses/dissertations etc?
For any documents greater than 10000 words you must contact us directly. These documents will require a detailed level of service to ensure consistency throughout the document and we will need to discuss delivery times etc with you.

Is your service confidential?
Of course. We understand that your work is your own intellectual property. We will never share your work with other people and only the appointed proofreaders will have access to your document. We delete all documents after 48 hours of sending it back to you. If you send us your work and we do not agree on a price/deadline it will be deleted immediately.

Can you help me to avoid plagiarism checks?
Yes and no. We are able to rewrite small sections of your document without changing the content. However, if your document is entirely copy-pasted from other sources and not referenced then as academics we cannot condone plagiarism on this level for ethical reasons, and we will not rewrite your work for you.

Is using a proofreading service ok for academic work? Do I need to give credit?
It is absolutely ok to use a proofreading service for any academic work - our aim is to make your work a clear as possible without changing the content of what you have written, and in most cases you can consider the work as entirely your own. If you require editorial work we may be able to help you (see our detailed proof service), though if we make significant and substantial changes to your work then you will need to acknowledge that you have used a third-party editor when you submit your coursework - this is not usually a problem as long as you acknowledge this (if you do not then you may be penalised and your work may not be accepted by the university).

What about dyslexic/non-English speaking students?
Most companies automatically charge more for non-English speaking students or dyslexic students. This is based on the amount of corrections that are needed in order to change the work into "good English". We don't think this is fair, and our prices are based on the amount of work we need to do. We may charge a higher price if there are a significant number of corrections - the best thing to do is to contact us immediately and then send us your work - we will get back to you with a price.  



How do I make a payment?
You must only make a payment once we have asked you to by email. You must not make a payment until a price has been agreed by us. See the tuition terms and proofreading terms for more information. Payments can be made through our website securely using PayPal - you can use your PayPal account if you have one or a credit or debit card. If you would like to pay by different means please contact us.

Where do you operate?
We are entirely an online company and operate solely in the UK - we cannot accept any work from overseas.

Can I apply to be a proof-reader or tutor?
If you believe you are qualified to be a professional proof-reader or academic tutor please contact us and let us know and we will let you know what information we need from you. You must hold at least a 2:1 degree, have excellent time management and communication skills and able to work flexible hours. We assess all applications. If you can find and point out any of the "deliberate" mistakes on our website we may consider your proofreading application more favourably.


 Question not answered here? Contact us directly.




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